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Heart Failure

Right Heart Failure vs Left Heart failure

When the right heart fails, the incoming blood from the body/systemic circulation that is on its way to the lungs backs up/congestion occurs.
This congestion of blood occurs within the vessels of the body systems. This leads to accumulation of fluid and edematous body tissues ankles and other dependent areas become swollen, the jugular neck veins distend.
Eventually pulmonary hypertension could develop, the right ventricle muscle usually hypertrophies or enlarges as well due to over compensating to meet body needs.
Incoming blood from the lungs/pulmonary circulation enters the left atrium of the heart. The left heart conducts blood to the systemic circulation.

If the left heart fails to pump, the blood that should be pushed out of the left ventricle congests in the blood vessels leading back to the lungs.

This means that there is congestion of blood in and to the lungs. The congestion in the lungs produces pulmonary symptoms such as paroxysmal dyspnea
pink frothy sputum
shortness of breath (SOB).

Heart Failure
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