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NCLEX Test Prep

Your Custom-Made ONLINE-NCLEX
Preparation Program

Whether you are a brand new Graduate nurse or you left nursing school years ago, we are here for you. Your goal and your dream should come true, if being a nurse is what you want to do, register now!


Management of Patient Care-

NEVER MISS ‘Select All That Apply’ Questions AGAIN!

Choose between two right options

Decide the BEST option when all 4 options are correct

Successfully manage priority and delegation questions

Read the stem and options to get the best answer

Psychological Integrity- 

Get every psych question right. Use 3 quick and easy tips to tackle the toughest questions on psychosocial integrity.

Health Promotion & Maintenance-

Learn mnemonics to trigger memory for life. Some of us love OB, many of us hate it. Regardless of where you stand, a portion of the NCLEX exam is dedicated to care of the childbearing family. Our NCLEX review will help you. Understand fetal monitoring, 

Master APGAR scoring

Master EVERY  all OB med.

Physiological Integrity

Basic Care and Comfort

Learn the tricks to make the most difficult content easy to retain

Strategies to utilize under stress from fatigue or nervousness

Gain confidence with control of test anxiety, tension, tiredness or boredom.

Pharmacological & Parenteral Therapies

RN PN Tutors is committed to teaching you strategies to retain content, especially when it comes to knowing your drugs.

Learn Fluids and Electrolytes with mnemonics that trigger memory for life. Finally understand the different IV fluids and how to get IV questions right. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied and learning every step of the way.

Reduction of Risk Potential-

Learn to recognize the potential for complications of diagnostic tests/treatments & procedures. 


Physiological Adaptation -

Master answering questions re: alterations in body systems, medical emergencies and unexpected response to therapies.

Our Webinars Help You Master the NCLEX Test Categories One by  One
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