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Reviews from Nurses who passed NCLEX with RN PN Tutors!
See what those still in Nursing school have to say about RN PN Tutors.

03/2021 "I thank God for you everyday I'm still using stuff that I've learned from you years ago. I just took a test in my LPN to RN program barely study but I keep hearing your voice and I passed almost with 100.”

— Sammy J, LPN from Miami, FL


01/2021 "I passed my NLCEX OMG I passed, no way I could've passed it the first time without your help. I got all 145 questions, RN PN Tutors you guys are the best!”

— Jael J, RN  from Miramar, FL

11/2020 "I'm in nursing school right now and I couldn't pass my classes without my tutor and his strategies.”

— Jael J, Nursing Student  from Miramar, FL

 2 years ago

"Great instructors, they were very knowledgeable. I learned a lot of new information and new ways to answer NCLEX questions. Love these tutors."

—Carmen A, from Miami, FL


"After this review, you won’t fear select all that apply anymore. 75 questions. I got my money’s worth"

— Tricia L, RN from Miami Gardens, FL




04/2021 "Good Evening Ms Anderson. I know it's late (it's Antoinette by the way) but I just wanted you to tell you THANK YOUUUUU! ONE & DONE! I Passed, I did it”

— Antoinette A, RN from Miramar, FL 


This company is a God-send! I had several sessions w/ Nadjia (who is phenomenal by the way) & she got me right where I needed to be. She showed me how to breakdown the test, helpful sources & how to come up w/ a study plan. Passed my NCLEX & now I am officially an RN! If you’re having difficulty figuring out how to get started prepping for the NCLEX I would definitely recommend this company.  S Adams, RN FL

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