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Next Generation NCLEX is coming. Let's get you ready for 2023!

Due to the increasingly complex duties of Nurses; the NCLEX exam is being revised to meet these complex challenges. Next Gen NCLEX is coming "right decisions, right questions." The new NCLEX will be adopting the clinical judgment model as part of evaluation of Nursing graduates. Formerly the exam utilized the nursing process and client needs model.

In this new exam, steps of Nursing process: Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation are modified to reflect

"Recognizing Cues(most likely/most important)

Analyzing cues (what client conditions significant?)

Prioritizing Hypotheses (narrowing down potential issues)

Generating solutions (focus on goals, what is our plan for the client?)

Taking action (How requested, administered or performed?)

Evaluation (Comparing observed vs expected outcomes)."

New scoring for NGN NCLEX


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