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Free Next generation NCLEX eBook.

The Secrets of NCLEX revealed

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I'm Nadjia

Nursing Content Expert with

15+ Years of Nursing Experience.

At RN PN TUTORS USA, our passion is to help nursing students achieve their dreams and become Licensed/Registered Nurses by passing the NCLEX. I understand the struggles that come with preparing for and passing this exam. That's why we offer a variety of free study guides, quizzes, and other NCLEX resources, as well as paid tutoring services, courses, and eBooks. Our team is made up of Nurse Educators and recent NCLEX passers who are current and live, breathe the Next generation NCLEX. Let us help you on your path to becoming a Nurse today.

You Will Learn How To


Organize your study according to NCLEX categories and clinical judgment measurement model


Improve your testing accuracy with the three NEW rules of NCLEX scoring


Study the most steps of Clinical judgment and how they relate to NGN case study questions on NCLEX

What People who Passed NCLEX with Our Secrets Say

I'm in Nursing school now and I couldn't pass my classes without my tutor's strategies.

Jael, FL 

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NGN Ebook cover bluebook_edited.jpg

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