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"Pass Nursing Now, We Will Show You How! RN PN Tutors USA is a space that provides excellent study guides, quizzes and other resources for passing Nursing. In addition, we offer NCLEX reviews, CPR, 1:1 tutoring services, webinars and ebooks. Our team includes seasoned nurses as well as recent NCLEX passers who keep us current and up to date. Invest in yourself."

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"I would not have passed my NCLEX-RN exam (all 145) on the first try without the secrets and strategies I learned from this eBook"

 Jael, RN from Miramar, FL Jan 2021

 2 years ago

"Great instructors, they were very knowledgeable. I learned a lot of new information and new ways to answer NCLEX questions. Love these tutors."

—Carmen from Miami, FL

"After this review, you won’t fear select all that apply anymore. 75 questions. I got my money’s worth"

— Tricia, RN from Miami Gardens, FL

The RN/PN tutor teams were Truly amazing throughout my Nclex experience. I Am a NURSE. I cannot emphasize that enough. When i Came to this Review, Dr Nadjia quickly identified the target areas to work on and set forth a plan to pass my NCLEX. After 6 weeks of tutoring and dedicated resource support, I passed my NCLEX. I cannot thank Her enough for her tremendous insights, test taking strategies and support throughout. I wouldn’t have passed without Dr Nadjia. I highly recommend the RN/PN Tutor Review, if you are or someone you may know having problems in passing the nclex or just in general! It was such an amazing experience.

- Pierre J- Miami FL 2023

I am so thankful for RN PN Tutors USA for helping pass my NCLEX !! I am finally a Licence RN. Taking this course was very knowledgable, the information and material that were taught was very easy to understand. I am from Canada so I joined the online zoom class review and to me it was very helpful and interactive. I recommend taking this course if you are struggling with trying to study for NCLEX as they teach you what is needed to know for this exam. They also give you a lot of tips that will help you . For example I had difficulty with learning Fetal heart rate monitoring during this course the professor Nadjia broke down the topic so that it was easy to understand, after that lecture I was more confident. Also they give you a lot of resources like educational videos, informative handouts and practice exams that will add to your learning.

-Monique F. Canada 2023

Generic or Trade names for meds on NCLEX?

The NCSBN who make the NCLEX try to use universal language, equitable to all testers. Generic names of medications please.


March 23, 2020

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